Who are we

We are a non-profit organization with the goal of conserve and restore old computers, video-consoles and arcade machines as well as to expose these machines in an office disposed for that purpose with information about computing history.

Where are we

Actually we are located on Gran Canary island, on Las Palmas of G.C. city, in the search of a office where start machines exhibition and restoring activities.

Exactly what we pretend

We pretend to conserve the computing history, as well as make it accessible to public in general, show the evolution and advance of a technology that concretely became part of any activity in our lifes..

How to help

Any collector is welcome to become part of tha association as well as to let his/her collection to public exhibition.
Another form of helping is translating the page to other languages as well as colaborating in it maintainment and improvement.
We also agree material dontions, such as machines (consoles, computers, arcade machines, monitors, peripherals, etc) and economic donation. Money donations will be exclusively dedicated to getting an exhibition office, as well as getting new machines and parts for restoring damaged machines. Repeated machines are considered trading (change and/or sell) objects to obtain new machines.


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Greetings to translators

Natalia Portillo (English)
Martín Lafuente (Galician)
Cèlia Mussons (Catalan)
Carlos Serrano (Italian)
Jocelyn Mayer (French)

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